Installing Mac OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on a Lenovo Thinkpad 11e and a Core M-5y10 [Work in Progress]

Alright. No information online for this setup yet, so here we go with a guide!


  • Set BIOS to disable secure boot, and set to UEFI only, with CSM turned to off.
  • Allow USB booting. You’ll need it.

When you prepare your UNIbeast installer, select UEFI, and EL Capitan. Once it is prepped, you’re going to want to do the following while your jump drive is still plugged into your Mac:

  • Download the latest Clover installer pkg, and install it to the jump drive to upgrade Clover from 32xx to the latest version.
  • Download Clover configurator, and click the “check EFI” in the lower right corner. Then Mount EFI, selecting your jump drive disk.
  • Now, open up Finder, and click the “EFI” drive on the left.
  • Navigate down the folders until you find the kexts folder. (This next step is so it will actually boot the installer on this laptop) Inside this folder, we need to do the following: 
  1. Delete all folders labeled 10.xx. This should just leave you with the “other” folder. 
  2. Go inside the “other” folder, and paste two kexts: FakeSmc, and NullPowerManagent (you can get both of these from tonymacx86>downloads>kexts).
  3. Go back to Clover Configurator, and open your config.plist file on that same EFI drive you have mounted (in clover folder). Now navigate the tabs on the left until you see the option to rootless=0 and check mark it.
  4. Save. Close. Ignore messages about saving to permanent whatever didly.

Ok, your jump drive is ready! Your jump drive will boot with the following parameters: rootless=0 dart=0

—- If you are unable to get to an installation screen by booting to jump drive (F12, select jump drive on Lenovo) then comment below!

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