Linux Mint 19 & Chrome Remote Desktop = “Could not acquire name on session bus” Error On Login

Short Version: CTRL+ALT+F1, sudo apt-get autoremove chrome-remote-desktop, reboot.

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I know, its a specific article title – but surely some poor soul will wander in here from the depths of Google and quit pulling their hair out.

As you may have already discovered from the title… Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop no-worky on Linux Mint 19 at the time of writing (July 2018). That’s because it takes over a startx session ALL ON ITS OWN as a service when you reboot. Not cool.

So… there are two ways to fix this (both require the removal of Chrome Remote Desktop. I ended up removing Google Chrome completely – but I don’t think that is necessary; Removing Chrome RD should be enough.

Step 1) Don’t hit OK to the “Could not acquire name on session bus” error. Hit “CTRL+ALT+F1”. This will launch a login on terminal. Log in with your username and password.

Step 2) Hit “ls” (that’s a lowercase L; thanks English) to “list” the folders you’re staring at. By default, you should be in the home directory of your user (so, picutres, desktop, etc may show up).

Step 3) type “cd .config”. This is a hidden folder. CD will push our terminal session into that folder. Go ahead and hit “ls” again to list the folders in here. We need to delete the one called “chrome remote desktop”. Simply deleting it isn’t enough. You’ll run the following to fully remove it automatically:

sudo apt-get autoremove chrome-remote-desktop

And… after its done, type the following into terminal:


All better! Now you’ll have a login window (or you’ll hit the desktop if you have it set to log in automatically).




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